Great sites, thoughtful farming, and a non-interventionist winemaking approach drive the wines.  All are informed by many years in the vineyard. There is no manipulation of the wine through additions, which allows for a more transparent impression of place and vintage.

Our focus is Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the North Coast with some Grenache and others mixed in for good measure.
All French cooperage is used for the barrel fermentation of the Chardonnays, and for the ageing of all of our wines. The Pinot Noirs are fermented with whole berries, in open top fermenters with no punchdowns or pumpovers.  All native fermentations. 

The wines are left to rest over the second winter and bottled after approximately 16 months total.  During that time the wines are undisturbed and unstirred on their lees, being racked only once after being selected for, and just prior to, bottling.  It is a very old method of making wine, and follows the greatest of traditions.

The most important day in the life of any of our wines is the day on which the fruit was picked.  Vintage characteristics are encouraged as the hope is that the growing season and the site leaves a heavier print on the wine than does the hand of the winemaker.

Please contact us in regards to the availability of our current release. We offer our wines to our mailing list members prior to Spring and Fall every year.



Kesner Pinot Noir